Saturday, August 13, 2011

So Much to Say, so Little Time!

I honestly do not know where to begin. I am sitting here, drinking my coffee, wondering how in the heck to write about everything that has happened these past couple weeks. My free time is getting shorter and shorter, that is definite!

I think you would all be happy to know that the roosters no longer wake me up at all hours of the night and I am so thankful that my ears cooperated with my surroundings and now just tune those beautiful sounds out, it is a magically feeling that I used to think was never possible.

This past week all of the volunteers met together at Island Cove in Cavite for Supervisors Conference. We were all very exciting because at the conference we were going to find out where our permanent sites would be!!! HUGE NEWS!!! If I have not told you already, I will be heading to Mogpog, Marinduque. It is a small, heart shaped island. During conversation with my supervisor aka the principal at the school I will be working in I found out that there are many beaches, hot springs, caves, and mass amounts of peanut butter on the island. Naturally, I was ecstatic about every single thing she mentioned. Marinduque is also the island of brown outs, which did not excite me but I am sure I will manage just fine! Please feel free to research this current foreign island to me and pass on any valuable information. My supervisor is fantastic. She is also new to the school so her and I are looking forward to being the new team at the school- Mogpog National High School. She talked to me a lot of how she wants to implement new programs to increase interest in sports and healthy living. I am really excited to hear more about this and tackle this job because well, a healthy active life is a life I like to live and I will definitely need to find or create some running buddies :). Dreams now but I hope they will become a reality in the future.

My host family has already started talking about Christmas. They are going to put up the decorations in September before I leave so that I can see them. They have also invited me to come back to Naparing for Christmas!!! So, if I can manage to tricycle, boat, bus, jeepney my way back here for my favorite holiday, I will.

Yesterday, I went to Subic Bay with Karen, Amy, and Christy. It was nice to escape to a new place. Being the wanderer that I am I have felt a bit claustrophobic. BUT, as soon as my toes hit the water I felt free and content and it was a much needed feeling and day trip. Subic Bay is a historical site because it was the old U.S. Naval Base. Walking around town is sort of feels like a ghost town. There are a lot of deserted hotels and restaurants that were not able to stay in business without all the tourism, soldiers, etc. that used to use the port in Subic Bay.

The rain finally stopped which basically means nothing aside from the fact that I am constantly sweating again. I think it is going to start raining again soon though, or so I have heard.

Alright, I have to go brush my teeth and get ready to be productive on this bright Sunday. I do have like 1,000 more things to write to I am hoping to get to this later today plus add some more pictures if you are having trouble picturing my mumbled words.

Love to All!!

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