Monday, September 5, 2011

Time Flys When You Are Having Fun!

Wow, it is hard to believe that I have been in the Philippines for over two months already. Today I started packing, again, and I found myself thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be where I am. An update about what is happening these next couple weeks- I am leaving Naparing this coming Sunday. I will go to Cavite for a week long conference and then Swearing-In is on September 16th! Come that day, I can officially call myself a Peace Corps Volunteer. I just got goosebumps. Then, I will board the ferry and head over to Mogpog, Marinduque and it will remain a mystery until the day I go what will happen once I land on the island.

This past Sunday, my host family took six volunteers to Puntabelle which is a resort nestled up high in the mountains. This day was unforgettable for so many reasons! Just in case you have not heard, I ate Balut! All the ladies ate it together, it was really neat and it was even cooler to hear all the Filipinos tell us that we are now officially Filipinas! I had to prepare myself for that for about two weeks, chewing up feathers is not really my thing, well... until now. It was actually not that bad. Just to go off on a tangent I keep wanted to write things in Tagalog! Ha. I guess this is a good sign considering I have my Tagalog interview in a couple days- wish me luck! I feel so lucky to have been blessed with an amazing language teacher during training. Back to the trip- we basically spent the whole day eating, swimming, and pondering/chatting about life while sitting on gigantic rocks in the fast flowing river. I even woke up Monday morning with a sunburn which was nice because I always seem to wake up Labor Day Monday with a sun burn! Felt a slice of home that morning.!

A few nights ago I came home to my family singing Christmas music and all the decorations were up! For a Christmas fanatic like me, this was amazing to come home too! Here in the Philippines, Christmas is celebrated in all of the -BER months, so Merry Christmas!

The weather here was cooled off a bit which is nice, gives my body a bit of a break from sweating 24 hours a day! On the days when the sun is shining during the day it tends to get cool and rainy around dark, which is perfect to catching a good nights sleep! Also the sun is good because without it clothes never dry and then they just get moldy and smelly and it is just a hassle.

 @PuntaBelle, Swimming the Day Away! It rained for 8 days straight before this day but the sun came out for us!
 Eating Balut!! The setting was perfect. All the Filipinos made a circle around us to cheer and encourage us!

Nice view, hey?!

Alright, I must go make myself a cup of coffee and study Tagalog! Hope this finds everyone happy, healthy, and smiley! xoxo

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