Saturday, January 28, 2012

And the Marinduque Adventures Begin...

Maniwaya Sunset.

Maniwaya: Paddling in a small boat off the coast.

Rock Climbing up to Tarug Caves and High Stone. I did this yesterday, today my body is almost as sore as it was after I ran a marathon. I guess clinging for your life off a cliff is strenuous on your muscles... Don't tell my mother I did this. More to come!

I am becoming good friends with students here who attending the School of Tourism in Santa Cruz, Marinduque. They enjoy thrill and adventure as much as I do which excites me. We are planning more adventures at various spots in Marinduque. It is nice to have gotten to know a group of people who are experienced and educated about the amazing sights and adventures that exist in Marinduque. Where will we go next?.....

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