Friday, February 10, 2012

Congrats Little Sister! "From Bugeyes to Amazing Mom to Wife"

February 6th- 12th:
Many of my thoughts this week have been bringing me to Wisconsin. I have been thinking about my little sister who is getting married on Sunday! I wish that I was by her side, involved in the bonding that happens before such a life changing event. But, since I am here, many, many miles away, I am restricted to merely thinking about how stunning she is going to be, how happy I am for her, how great of a (whatever you want to call it) love is, and a bazillion other happy and positive thoughts that are sure to make my sister smile like she has never smiled before! The reception will happen the following week, luckily for me one of my co-teachers just got Wi-Fi at her house. She is allowing me to come to her house and use the Wi-Fi so I can see all the happenings at the reception! Joseph is going to “bring” me to the reception so I can see all of the people, action, food, flowers, and beyond at the splendid occasion.

Many important people in my life are getting married this year: my sister, my cousinski, and my best friend. It is a heart dart; there is no doubt about that. BUT, I am not going to take the greatness out of love by being upset over not being able to attend. I have convinced myself to suck it up, be happy that Skype is in existence, and smile because just because I will not be there physically I know that these lovely people know that I am there mentally. Oh, the beauty of destiny.

Not a lot has happened this work week. Due to the fact that I was in Tagaytay last week I got behind in my laundry service aka my own two hands. I do not have an excess amount of hangers so I can’t really do a “large” load. Hopefully this weekend will allot me some time to wash, wash, and wash.

My third year students are busy making props and memorizing lines because they will put on the play “Romeo and Juliet.” In class on Monday, we are going to do a short version practice, just the well known balcony scene. The major presentation will be right before school ends, middle of March I believe. I am planning to record it because it is undoubtedly going to be astounding. My second year students are busy practicing writing good descriptions. This week we wrote postcards to my friend the alien in outer space. Everyone was really excited to draw objects and write good descriptions. I really enjoy watching my students complete assignments that they are excited about because A) everyone actually participates (even the students who commonly sit in the back and doodle or day dream) and B) I get one-on-one time with my students to help them correct the grammar and spelling in their paragraphs, my students really benefit from the one-on-one time too!

In the world of food, Catherine and I were in town two weekends ago. We always go to the tiny duty free store because they have a very limited but good selection of American food. Catherine found parmesan cheese! I have definitely enjoyed my pasta dinner creations a little more this week because of the tasty flavor of parmesan cheese.

Last weekend I was at a birthday party in Boac. One of my friends there sat me down and asked me if I would like to be a sagada (I do not know if this is the right spelling, it’s on my list of things to figure out) in the flower festival that happens here on the island in May. There is going to be a parade through Boac. Remember my pictures from the butterfly festival parade? I am thinking that this flower festival parade might be similar. Anyways, as a sagada I am going to rent a gown and I will have to wear some type of flower arrangement on my head. I have not dug deep enough into the details of the parade but I do know the sagadas are different queens, for example, “Queen of Peace.” Mysteries of the future are grand, who knew I would ever be a dancing flower queen?

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  1. It is not "Sagada" is it "Salaga"...