Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few snapshots

This is in Gasan, Marinduque. I went there for the day to visit a new friend of mine, Quienne. Her and I were buddies when I went to Palawan. It was a full day of splashing, playing with hermit crabs, learning about fisherman, eating fresh fish, and more!

Halo- Halo or " Mix Mix" in English. This is the treat of the summer!

Puerto Galera. Peace Corps Girls, Peacing! 

Puerto Galera, Sunset watching after language camp.

Puerto Galera. This is part of the woven collection that the tribe makes. Every piece was  unique and special.  This darling child is just in the photo because she is so cute!

Playing Cat's Cradle... this brought back lots of memories from my childhood. 

Break time at the top of the mountain! We were at Trevor's (the one in the middle wearing a red hat)  site.

*Sorry I have been lacking on photo uploads. It takes a long time to upload each photo.
Sending hugs to everyone- Gina.

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