Saturday, September 15, 2012

No time to write out the complete story... next week na lang!

Scouts Camping Trip. Sleeping outside is always more fun. Here are a few snapshots of the venture...

All ready to go!

Building the bamboo tent. This take quite a long time. Lots of teamwork, patience, a good plan, and excited people.

Day one! Ready to have fun. Two of my second year students who light up my life here. 

And then the rain came... the rain only brought more smiles, laughter, and fun. It was so great to see my students act like children. It is so important to just let loose and have a little fun every now and then. I told them stories about when I used to get all muddy as a child. Like when my sisters and I would play in the basement of all the new houses being built in our neighborhoods. 

The swimming pool in our front yard. The frisbee came out again for some throws in the wind.  I think all I want for Christmas this year are frisbees, seeds, maybe some squirt guns, and some kick boards. The more time I spend with my students the better. I am already focusing the majority of my energy, love, and passion on empowering my students to be the best they can be. 

With our principal. The one who inspires us all with her commitment, laughter, and positive attitude!




Roasting. I introduced them to s'mores! I was able to buy all of the ingredients in the local market. The mallows were bright colors which added a nice burst of brightness to the snack. They were a huge hit and we are going to have another campfire roast at our upcoming school encampment. 

Goodnight beautiful people. The bamboo bed was rockin'. 

I brought a bag of goggles with me. The wore them the whole morning.

More about this experience next week! Always remember, find gratitude even in the small things in life.  

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