Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kumusta? Mabuti!

Hello Again! So, currently in the Philippines it is rainy season, take note that this still means it is very hot and humid still. BUT, today the sun was shining and that was pretty awesome. As many of us know, when there are too many rainy days in a row, we all start to need a little taste of sunshine.

This past week we had water safety training at Villa Excellance, Tanza, Cavite. We all boarded the bus bright and early and took about an hour right to the site. It was good to finally see what the Philippines is like outside of this nook in the woods. When we got there we all split into three groups because there were three different fisher men who were taking us out to sea and making us jump in. With life vests on, we headed to the coast. I was put into the group with the smaller of the boats. This was not a worry to me until we put too many people in and didn't make it over the waves, causing our boat to fill with water and nearly sink. PHEW, that was a close call. The fisherman has to pump the water out, reminding me of the time my friends and I forgot to plug my dads boat up north and we had to empty the water ouf with buckets. My group decided to be patient and wait for the larger boat. Next try, my fellow trainees and I successfully jumped in, circled up and locked arms (which helps you stay warm!) and then climbed back into the boat. After getting used to the obnoxious itch on the back of my neck from the life vests, and failing to make it past the waves the first time, I finally did pass water safety training so no worries people.

My first trip to the mall was rather eventful too. To get to the mall, I had to take a Jeepney. Jeepneys are everywhere. It is similar to taxis in the U.S., but you can't call to have one come pick you up, you simply have to wait until one drives by. I didn't do much at the mall but buy essentials such as tooth paste nd toilet paper. I did find tim tams at the mall which was the highlight. Tim tams were my favorite cookie when I lived in Australia. I guess these will have to do since I don't have a stash of reeses peanut butter cups yet.

Right now in training, we are finishing up with lesson plans. Tomorrow (Fri) and saturday, we are doing demo teaching and then Sunday morning we depart for our training site, which is when I will meet my first host family and finally get to go to an actual school!


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  1. I can see your shoulders! :) just kidding

    Can I send you pictures? On your card it says only letters so I wasnt sure.

    Anddd I want your cell number!

    Love you