Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where in the world am I?

Magandang Hapon! (Good Afternoon). Wala... a little language learning opportunity for you. As most of you already know, I made it safely to the Philippines. The long, sleepless journey took about 20 hours total. After landing in Manila, we took a bus to our orientation site, which is in Cavite. This place is like a nook in the woods, a 54 acre wondrous forest. Everything is beautiful. The Filipinos say the climate here is "cool" but I still sweat at 6am and all day long. I have quickly learned that "to sweat" has a new meaning. Where I am now, I feel like I am 12 years old and back at 4-H camp. I will never forget 4-H camp and I already know I will never forget the time I have already and will continue to spend here. I stay with all my fellow Peace Corps Trainees here until July 17th. Then, we spilt. My cluster will be heading to Naparing, in Bataan, Philippines. Here we will learn, learn, and learn some more. (Lots more news to come regarding this, keep your eyes wide open!!) Also, on July 17th, I will meet my first host family, cool hey? I know a lot of this info is looking into the future a bit, but on countless occasions people had asked me where exactly I was going. I am so excited and happy with everything so far, words cannot explain these emotions. As I sit here typing, praying that the internet does not go out and I don't loose all this fancy writing, I find myself wanting more rice and delicious fruit. I wish I could pack up fruit for you all, I can't control myself in the fruit department on this side of the world. Here is a little input as to where in the world I will be for a little while. Stay tuned friends and family, I miss you all but am so happy I am where I am and that I can share this experience with all of you! xoxo.

PS: Pictures coming soon! With the slow internet connection, it takes more time than I have available to load 'em.


  1. YA!!! I am so excited! When I think of camp I think of there a lot of bugs? :)
    Love you!

  2. bugs galore! and toads, toads are everywhere... fat, huge, medium.