Friday, July 8, 2011

I like rice.

This first week has flown by. In reality, I have only been gone for one week; however, it feels like it has been months. From the friendships I have made to the amount of knowledge that has been thrown to me, I can say without a doubt that this week has been amazing. I really feel like our time here as a group will help me transition into life living with a host family in a more rural spot in the Philippines, one where bucket showers become part of my daily schedule. I am very anxious to meet my host family. Through conversation, I have convinced myself that there is a good chance that there will be children in the family which makes me happy. As I tackle this whole learning a second language thing I am going to try to “act and learn like a child would” so I feel like if I have them close to me they can symbolism a constant reminder.

Just in case you were wondering… I am already craving cheese, reeses peanut butter cups, and French vanilla creamer. Weird? Well, that is questionable. There has been an endless supply of coffee and tea though which has been very satisfying.  Throughout the day we do a lot of sitting and eating. The eating is normal for me, the sitting not so much. I have really had to try hard to make my body feel comfortable, hence the mass amounts of tea and coffee I have been drinking, I guess this is my way of recognizing that a cup of tea helps me stay relaxed.

Coming soon: stories about water safety training, my first visit to the beach, and my first mall experience (I need new toothpaste). Get excited.


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